Second Session

Panel Discussion Session

We are excited to put this panel discussion session together. It is the second session of the conference

1. This is a 1.5hour session holding between 10:30 and 12:00 on the 12th of December, 2018

2. Dr Bridget Haire will be speaking to the topic: Vulnerability and off-shored clinical research: concept, context and application

3. Prof Kolawole Oyedeji will be speaking to the topic: Community engagement, clinical and behavior research: ethical considerations on vulnerability and exploitation

4. Prof Morenike Folayan will be speaking to the topic: Paternalism, communitarianism: culture, norms values and its implication for vulnerability and exploitation

5. The Session shall be chaired by Prof C Shalom and Prof E  Oduwole

Order of event

1. The moderator shall call up the Co-Chairs (Please co-chairs send us your pix and 100 words bio urgently)

2. Prof C Shalom will read the Citation of each of the three speakers and call them to make their presentations 

3. Prof E Oduwole will commence the discussion by asking each of the speaker questions that should raise discussions. Please raise questions that arise from their presentation – explore what seems to be cross cutting ethics issues, what may be unclear from the presentation, or what may be a topical discuss

4. Prof E Oduwole will them open up the space for discussion with the audience for the next 20 minutes

5. Prof Shalom will summarise the Session by highlighting 3 major outcomes of the discussion. 

6. Prof Shalom thank the panelists and conclude the session.

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