Lagos, the host city of the 2018 Bioethics Forum, remains the commercial capital of Nigeria, and boasts of literarily any type of business you can imagine. In addition, Lagos is a cultural melting pot representing cultures from across Nigeria, West Africa and beyond. The several beautiful beaches of Lagos are a welcome delight to any tourist wishing to cool off from the hustle and bustle of the city. Or if you choose, the different musical halls featuring diverse selection of musical interest from hip hop to classical to Afro beat, and many more, could provide a very relaxing evening in many spots in Lagos. If you have a taste for real African food, Lagos is it – from Ofe nmanu (oily soup) to eforiro and ewedu taken with amala to einkaikon, and even some Asian recipes – there is always something for everyone!

On behalf of the 2018 Bioethics Forum Steering Committee, I invite you to join us in the beautiful city of Lagos as we deliberate on “Bioethics, vulnerability and protection from exploitation in research” We look forward to welcoming you in December.

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