The 2018 edition of the Bioethics Forum will hold on December 12 and 13, in the beautiful and bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria. As with the previous editions, the Forum will bring together individuals from diverse works of life who are passionate about issues related to bioethics in clinical practice and health research. It will provide an invaluable platform for interacting with other professionals and experts about the latest developments in the field of bioethics. The discussions this year will focus on “Bioethics, vulnerability and protection from exploitation in research”.

We are inviting abstracts for oral presentations during the Forum from researchers, students, members of institutional review boards and ethics committees, and other interested persons. Abstracts can be a case study, primary research or conceptual analysis that could aid further understanding of the issues related to vulnerability and exploitation in research.

General Guidelines
Abstracts should contain the following four components (please bold the four section headings noted below within the text of your abstract submission):

Background or Issues: a concise statement of the issue under investigation or a hypothesis;
Materials & Methods: the experimental methods used (including the statistical analyses employed);
Results: specific findings;
Conclusions: a summary of findings that are supported by your results (statistical analyses used to support the conclusions, where appropriate, should be included).

The maximum word count for the abstract body is 500 words. Those submitting abstracts will be required to attend the meeting and present their abstract as scheduled.

Abstract Submission
All abstracts should be submitted electronically by emailing the completed abstract to All abstracts submitted electronically must be prepared only in Microsoft Word format. Alternatively, abstracts may be submitted via the Forum website at The deadline for abstract submission is Sunday, September 16, 2018. Notice of abstract status will be sent by the week beginning October 1, 2018.

Abstract Publication
Accepted abstracts will be published in the Conference Abstract Book which will be available electronically to all participants as well as on the website. In addition, all abstracts will be published in peer-reviewed journal.

Click to download the 2018 Bioethics Forum Call for Abstract



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